By trajectory and experience we are unique in Barcelona in the training of Professional Pilots. For years, while the rest of the schools only had Private Pilots, we have provided hundreds of Professional Pilots to Companies and Schools around the world.
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Aero Link Flight Academy is the first Complex Aviation Training Organisation in Barcelona authorized by the Aviation Safety and Security Agency – EASA with registration E-ATO-086. Our training programs are certified under European Aviation Safety Agency – EASA Part-FCL regulations, and are designed to help our student pilots to achieve the Learning Objectives to start their professional career with all the knowledge and experience required. Aero Link Flight Academy is by far the most experienced professional flight school at Sabadell Airport (Barcelona), with a long history of successfully training ab initio pilots to be the present and future captains for a wide range of airlines ! OUT US

Aero Link Flight Academy is the reference in Spain in training ab initio professional pilots. Our commitment to students and the airlines that hire pilots is to train professionals of the flight. Our programs are focused on the needs of the Airlines for the success of our students. We got it with teachers and professional instructors in the industry, with experience and ability in teaching. Captains and First Officers with thousands of flight hours alternating his work in Airline active in the training of students. With the most complete and updated aeronautical equipment.

The result is that our graduates are well equipped to satisfy the high standards demanded by the world’s leading airlines and to meet the many challenges facing airline pilots today.

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